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Faq Faq
General Q. I have doubts about the authenticity of your company. Is there any agency which can make a reference for your company?
A. Please inquire from JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) about our reputation.
Q. Your FOB Prices are much lower than those of other exporters from whom I used to import. Is there any fault in your pricing?
A. No, all prices are correct. We do not stock vehicles and ship them directly from auction yard upon receiving an order. That way we save on storage, extra transportation, administration and other fees and come with lower prices.
Q. What is the condition of cars you?
A. We export cars with auction grade 4 and higher (3.5 and higher for cars more than 10 years old).
see Auction Grade page for details.
Q. What kind of vehicles do you deal with?
A. We offer all kind of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks, buses, construction machinery.
Q. Do you export LHD (Left Handle Drive) vehicles?
A. All Japanese makes are RHD in Japan. We can offer you some European and American LHD vehicles.
Ordering from us Q. How can I see your catalogue?
A. Please click HERE and send us a request for catalogue. We will send it to you within 24 hours.
Q. I want to import a model which is not listed in your catalogue.
A. Please send us Make and Model from HERE and we will give you our FOB quotes.
Q. I selected a car from your catalogue. What should I do next?
A. Send us your ORDER including Make and Model and make a deposit (100,000 Yen or 1,000 USD)
Q. I sent you a deposit. What happens next?
A. We will search for the right vehicle through 70 auction halls all over Japan. We select the best ones and put a bid for them. As soon as the bid is successful, we will inform you by email and send you pictures of your vehicle.
Q. When my vehicle will be shipped to me?
A. It takes about one week to complete a paperwork (obtaining certificate of export, custom clearance etc). Then the vehicle will be shipped by the first available vessel to your port.
Q. How can I get my car in my port?
A. We will send an original B/L to your street address. You will get your car in exchange with that B/L in your port or rail way station.
About Auction Q. What is the difference between ordering from catalogue and ordering from auction?
A. When you select from catalogue, you let us know what kind of car you are looking for. Then we search for a car for you through all available 70 auction halls in Japan.
When ordering from auction, you search yourself for a vehicle in USS Auction, which is one of the auctions in Japan, with 12 auction halls.
Q. I want to search by myself in your auction site. How to use it?
open AUCTION page
Select a maker and click [SEARCH].
Then select a model and click [GO].
To see the results, click [RESULT LIST].
Once you opened a RESULT LIST, you can sort data by model year, auction hall, grade etc.
Q. What are the final prices in the auction?
A. They are unknown until the auction sale is complete. Please CONTACT US for resent average prices.
Pricing and Shipping Q. What is the FOB price?
A. FOB is the price of the vehicle at the shipping port of Japan.
Q. What is included in FOB?
A. Included is auction price, inland transportation from auction yard to shipping yard, auction commissions, Japanese custom clearance, other legal fees and our commission.
Q. Are there any hidden fees?
A. No, all fees are included in FOB.
Q. What is the freight to my port?
A. See our FREIGHT LIST. If your port is not listed, contact us.
Q. Do you deal with foreign currency?
A. Basically we accept only Yens. If your bank can not pay in Yens, then you can pay in USD, EURO or other broadly used currency. Your currency will be converted to JPY by current exchange rate.
Q. What is the price in my currency?
A. Use the CONVERTION TOOL (click HERE) to convert prices from JPY to other currency.

*right CONVERTION TOOL is free blog tool, you can take it and paste it to your blog websites.
Q. Do you accept L/C?
A. No. We accept only TT (Telegraphic Transfer) and Wire Transfer.
Q. Do you ship in containers too?
A. Yes.
Q. How many cars fit in one container?
A. Four regular size containers fit in one 40 HC container and 2 cars in one 20 HC container.

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