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good for germany car user
especially classic porsche collective user

we have many classic style PORSCHE in our stock yard


do you know something

here in Japan, many type of Porsche car driving

especially, so many old type of Porsche still running in Japan

we japanese ride cars so carefully than other countrys

so our Used Car in very good conditions even many years has past since new

thats why we have many old type of Porsche in our stock yard

its all ready to ship to your country, your place

we have many good condition used PORSCHE cars available in our stock yard

if you want it please contact Us from our contact page

especially, am waiting for Porsche car offer from used car dealer in Germany

am sure you will like our Porsche cars

its in so good conditions!!

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Yokohama Trading is located in Yokohama Japan.
we trades products all over the world.
we start trading by exporting Cars from Japan especially Used Cars,
and now we are trading all other products like Cars, Fashion, Watches and more

Here, we sell .

YTRD webshop renewal open


YTRD webshop has renewal opened!!

enjoy our YTRD world.

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