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our CEO PROFILE -my dog-


My lovely Dog maltese

She is a white female dog. Her name is Martan.
She borned 6 babies when our family income was so poor. her each babies sold by 50,000 Yen.
My best moment is when my Family being together.
Martan is symbol of my family always be together.
She is 12 years old now.
She is one of our important family and also She is my best friend.

She borned her babies when she is 8 months old.

her 1st year anniversity. finished grown up her babies.

She is 12 years old and still alive.

our CEO PROFILE -my hobby-

Making of My Violin

Hello I am Nobuo Mitsuhashi.
CEO of YTRD yokohama trading co.
My hobby is Violin. I like playing violin. and also I like making violin too.
Its so fun. I always make my violin which I played myself.

This is my first made violin. it looks fine .

It was so hard to make backside of violin.

It said “Nobuo Mitsuhashi” in “Kanji”.

I made violin by these materials.

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